Drageris - first GB - The adventure begins

Publish date: 07/10/2022

Born and raised in the Dragon Realm, these creatures have different powers and carry their own fate! To begin the Drageris's mission, some of them will have to go on a new expedition in search of the destined master who can unleash their full potential...

"Listen bros, I'm going to start my journey to find my master soon. As you all may know, we belong to the family of Zirconis, who have the ability to communicate with plants and flowers but that's not everything! I recently found a primaeval forest that mumbled the mystery about unleashing the ancient Zirconis's power. It's now your choice, you can stay here waiting or you can go and search for your Great Master... anywhere you go, remember the date"

"We had our head in the clouds ☁️
Thought we had it all figured out
Planning to fly away
To escape everything on the ground..."

"Everyone, look closely, I will reverse the flow of this waterfall and I will do it once. You have to feel it before you can control the water. Keep practicing the basics! While I'm on the journey looking for a master who can unlock our power, you all stay at home and master these foundation skills.
I will be back right before the D-Day ! See you all then"

(to be continued...)

Do you think you can tame one of these dragons? Cause they will be ready to enter your keeb realm to search for their true master.

The Drageris Group Buy will be available from 12th to 19th of October!