How We Make Our Crystal Pieces

Publish date: 21/01/2021

It a meticulous workmanship process that involves multiple stages to make a keycap. Each keycap of Crystal Pieces is manufactured upon strict requirements to achieve perfection and bring the best products to customers.

Initially, the aim was to proposed and conceptualized ideas based on a specific theme that would deliver sustainable values. With the concept of the "Coral Bay" collection, CrP team wants to give voice to the message of protecting the environment, the coral reefs, and the undersea ecosystem.

After the idea was properly developed, we start to convey the idea into the designing stage. This is a time-consuming process as the coral reefs are 100% molded by hand. Moreover, due to the need for appropriate form changes and design amendments, the artisans even need longer time to attain the perfect shape of the final products.

When the sample mold is completed, the first patterns are created and be prepared for the coloring stage.

In addition to molding the Keycaps being a complicated and time-consuming task, the coloring stage also requires much time and meticulous attention to detail. Each keycap is completed with careful coloring operations, which involve great complexity and sophistication due to the tiny size and detailed texture of the fish. Originating from the true color of the coral reefs, mixing with popular colorway palettes of existing keycaps, our artists proudly introduce the most trending set of colors for this collection.

After finish coloring, the resin casting process is the final step. The fish are placed on the coral reefs before being put into the second resin pouring stage. It is only a matter of time now to wait for the final product to come out.

The final stage is polishing and packaging the product.