Kyuna and Yuito - The fantastic duo

Publish date: 11/04/2023

Behold the latest creations of Kyuna and Yuito - two famous mythical shapeshifters that pay tribute to the rich and vibrant culture of Japan. With meticulous, precise and careful craftsmanship, our team have spent countless hours in the designing and casting process of this duo, taking inspiration from the centuries-old tales of mythical creatures.

Kyuna – The famous kitsune in Japanese folklore. She is well-known as a sly trickster or a mysterious creature who likes to joke around people with her supernatural power. She has a beautiful face with pointed ears, a mischievous grin, and an intricate fox mask perfectly resembling her signature characteristic. 

Beside her, there is Yuito - a playful and whimsical tanuki. You can easily recognise his jolly spirit with a round face, cute rosy cheeks, and of course, the leaf on the head (which he uses to transform into money to buy sake).

One of the unique aspects that sets this duo apart from other keys is the exclusive layout design that you have never seen before. Unlike any keycaps that may only feature the face or some parts of the main model, this sculpture allows us to create a full-body character that not only looks great on a small keycap size but also can stand out alone as a little figure (and they have ergonomic posture too). And to achieve that, more than just keycaps, this couple also features the back/tail part of the kitsune and tanuki, making them can perfectly resemble Japanese mythical creatures.

So why settle for a boring keyboard setup when you can add these two cute shapeshifters to your desk?

The creation of the Kyuna and Yuito

The making process of a new artisan keycap model is a thrilling journey filled with creativity, passion, and attention to detail. We take great pride to create Kyuna and Yuito which can capture the essence of Japanese culture. So, if you're looking for a way to elevate your keyboard set up to new heights, look no further than our lovely couple keycaps! Their debut raffle sale will be on this Wednesday 12th of April!!