The Viegeris

$ 65

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Designed by RexD

*Quantity: 10 pieces (5 keys for each version, random version will be sent) / 10 keycap (5 nón lá + 5 hoa sen, trả hàng ngẫu nhiên)

Please read carefully the overview section below for more details

Available Variant:
Keycap only
Full version

❓❔❓ How does the raffle sale work? By filling this form, you will gain a slot to join our raffle (it means that this form does not guarantee you purchase of the artisan keycap) -> Only random winners will receive a Paypal invoice.
And don't be sad if you do not win, you can save up for the next sales

- Expected delivery: 2-3 weeks after when the raffle ends

❓Multiple entries are not allowed!

❓PayPal invoices will be sent out once the form closes and there are 12 hours to pay after receiving the invoice (Vietnamese winners will receive an email for direct bank transfer), so remember to check your mailbox carefully. If you failed to carry out the payment, it will be re-raffled and you might not be able to join our next sales. Therefore, please just tick the keycaps that you want to join the raffle for!

❓Flipping slots or invoices will be indefinitely banned from our team's raffle sales

GOLDEN TICKET instruction here


The Viegeris

- Price:

The keycap only (body part): $65 (+$7 international shipping fee)

Full version (body + tail): $75 (free shipping)

- Quantity: 10 pieces (5 keys for each version + random version) / 10 keycap (5 nón lá + 5 hoa sen, trả hàng ngẫu nhiên)

- Material: Resin casting

- Profile: SA R3/ Cherry R1 and compatible with Cherry MX switches and clones

[Coming soon]